DaGama is a recommendation service where users can "Post and Earn".

The daGama app is a user-generated map where travelers and locals can mark exciting places. Users who recommend the best places, as rated by the community, are rewarded. Businesses that invest in high-quality products and services get more coverage and promotion.

This is a real-world product that leverages the advantages of blockchain technology. daGama is built on a proprietary "Gama-protocol" for validating and storing user reviews and uniting members using the DAGAMA Token, which will appear on Arbitrum.

🔊 Highlights:

• End-to-End travel ecosystem: Business Panel, POS-Terminal, Gama protocol.

• MVP released. Android & IOS compatible.

• $450k Grant Program.

• Listing on EVM DEXs and CEXs ByBit, Gate - Q4 2024.

• More than X users on the early birds ambassador program.

• NFT membership card, with travel prize raffles and a unique chance to win a round-the-world trip.

• The World’s First Travel project on Arbitrum Ecosystem.

• Completed KYC from CertiK with Silver Badge.

• Use ChainLink`s Blockchain Oracles for cross chain communications.

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